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October 2005

Time For A Smile

Some of the most entertaining urban legends are created by travelers.  A recent article in the Washington Post outlined some of them, including the “Stuck on the Loo” story:

·          THE MYTH: A commercial airline pilot, or passenger, takes a bathroom break and attempts to flush while still seated. Bad idea! The powerful suction keeps him or her stuck on the toilet.

·          THE REALITY: Nearly impossible. This legend appears to have started at least as early as 1992, when Scandinavian Airlines was forced to publicly debunk a rumor that a female passenger spent part of a transatlantic flight glued to her seat, so to speak. Asked about this legend, Federal Aviation Authority officials demurred, suggesting that inquiries be directed to commercial airline makers. Boeing spokeswoman Mary Jean Olsen confirmed that she had indeed heard this legend, but hers starred an Airbus plane. But of course.

You can read more of these travel myths by clicking here. 

Travel Trends

 Growing broadband access at home: Broadband use among Internet users has exceeded 50 percent when access at work is included; now home use of high-speed Internet connections is growing, too. Leichtman Research Group, Inc. in their updated report, Broadband, Cable and DBS Across the US 2005, found that at the “beginning of 2005, broadband penetration of households in the United States stood at close to 29 percent nationwide. In related research, LRG found that as of the end of the second quarter of 2005, the 20 largest cable and DSL providers in the United States--representing 94 percent of the broadband market for cable and DSL--accounted for about 37.6 million high-speed Internet subscribers.”  

 Travel will remain largest online retail category in 2010: A recent study by Forrester Research, Inc. projects that “U.S. online retail sales will jump from $172 billion in 2005 to $329 billion in 2010.”  The Forrester report includes a five-year forecast that breaks out online sales across 15 retail categories, including travel. Some highlights:

·          eCommerce will represent 13 percent of total U.S. retail sales in 2010.

·          Travel remains the largest online retail category, growing from $63 billion in 2005 to $119 billion in 2010.

·          Categories showing significant growth include: apparel, consumer electronics, health and beauty, home products, food and beverage, and sporting goods.”

European online travel buyers not created equal: According to findings from PhoCusWright’s Online Travel Shopping and Buying Behavior: Key European Markets survey, “eight out of 10 U.K. online travelers use the Internet as the main way they purchase travel. But e-commerce barriers and embedded habits make German and French travelers more likely to use offline methods as well.

“The survey was conducted in July 2005 to gauge the shopping and buying habits of online travel buyers across three of Europe’s largest online travel markets--the U.K., Germany and France. Online travel buyers in Germany and France are more likely to use a combination of online and offline channels than are U.K. buyers. For example, 68 percent of online travel buyers in Germany also use other channels, including traditional travel agencies and tour operators, when purchasing travel.”


Online Trade Show

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  • TravelAngel Translation Services: Attract more European guests to your Bed & Breakfast by offering a German version of your website!

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