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May 2007

Promoting the Industry

Our goal is to generate great publicity for BedandBreakfast.com members specifically, and for the B&B industry as a whole. In this issue we cover:

Upcoming Publicity for BedandBreakfast.com members
Ask the Pros

Recent Media Coverage

Current and Upcoming Publicity: May and June

We’re presently working on the following press releases for distribution in May and June:

Experiential Culinary Travel: Recent studies from Travel Industries of America reveal that 27 million Americans took food- or wine-related trips in the last three years. This press release will offer a compilation of food-related getaways that go beyond the traditional cooking school experience, and allow travelers to participate in the creation of culinary masterpieces.

Tanks a Lot re-release: With gas prices reaching an all-time high, the media is once again clamoring for information about gas-saving vacations. While we sent the initial release about BedandBreakfast.com’s Tanks a Lot program in March, we’re going to re-release it in time for Memorial Day travel, so post your Tanks a Lot special now. Both the media and B&B travelers will be looking for packages that offer help at the pump this summer and fall.

A Guy’s Guide to B&Bs: Men have many misconceptions about B&Bs; this release will define what’s great about B&Bs for guys, and will highlight a few examples of packages and/or amenities (like fishing, geo-caching, kayaking, mountain biking, sports cars for guests’ use, etc.) that appeal to both men and women. Any inns that qualify will be required to offer uncluttered frou-frou free décor that appeal to both sexes. If you feel you have a package and/or property that qualifies, please send details to Marti@BedandBreakfast.com.

Over-the-Top packages: We are doing a round-up of B&B packages where money is no object, and the list of inclusions will wow both inngoers and the media. We are not looking for standard romance or adventure packages; we want packages that are unusual and unique. If you have an offering that qualifies, please send it to Marti@BedandBreakfast.com with all details, rates, and validity dates.

Grand Travel: BedandBreakfast.com will send a release covering Grandparent-Grandchild travel, just in time for Grandparents’ Day on September 9. If you offer a package geared toward grandparents or multi-generational travel, please send the details including everything offered, the rate and the date(s) the package is available to Marti@BedandBreakfast.com.

Carefree Car-less Getaways: In keeping with consumer and media interest in green travel, we’re working on a release that covers carefree car-less getaways. If you are a property that can be reached by public transportation and where all activities are available by foot or ground transportation, we’d love to hear from you. Send information about your packages and how travelers can reach you (by public transit) to Marti@BedandBreakfast.com.

Silver-level members and above may post specials; simply
log in with your Property ID and password. Select Specials from the table in your Home Base. Enter appropriate offers for Free Gas Promotion and summer  packages. Bronze member? Please click here to upgrade.

Important Reminder: While we include as many members as possible in BedandBreakfast.com press releases, limited space makes it impossible to include everyone. Offers that include a small discount, or are too restrictive or unimaginative will not pique the media’s attention. Please remember to be as creative as possible when designing your specials and packages. Take some time to review other specials on the site, and see which ones appeal to you. Like the media, the editors at BedandBreakfast.com are drawn to creative offers.

Ask the Pros: Can you describe the best time to send a press release to the media?

A: Great question! Understanding the timing of a news story is an important factor in assuring coverage. Follow these timelines, and you’ll have a better chance of getting coverage.

Long lead magazines (such as Woman’s Day, Outside, Real Simple, etc): These magazines are working no less than six months out. Send information now on late fall, Halloween, Veterans Day and even Thanksgiving. It’s not too early to send Christmas holiday information, too.

Short lead magazines (such as Newsweek, Time): These weekly magazines work on a shorter lead time and are now focusing on summer travel, green travel, and July 4th.

Newspapers work with anything from no lead time to six weeks ahead. If you have breaking news, call the assignment or news desk today and if reporters are available, they’ll be there. For feature, food, home, garden and travel stories, four to six weeks lead time works well. Send recipes for summer picnics to food editors, tips on successful gardens to garden columnists, and family-friendly summer travel packages to travel editors.

Television works on anything from an immediate lead time for breaking news to four to six weeks out for feature stories. If you have breaking news, call the assignment or news desk today and if cameras are available, they’ll be there.
Online publications, blogs and websites all have an immediate deadline, as updates can occur quickly. For newsletters like Budget Travel Online or SmartTravel.com, send information with two to four weeks lead time.

Here are some fun seasonal events and celebrations that can be tied into your media efforts:


  • National Bike Month

  • National Photo Month

  • National Egg Month

  • National Chocolate Chip Day – May 15


  • World Environment Day (June 5) – great for green travel stories

  • National Boating and Fishing Week (June 2-10)

  • Kitchen Klutzes of America Day – June 13

  • National Dairy Month

  • Eat Your Vegetables Day – June 17

Recent BedandBreakfast.com Media Coverage
A recent compilation of BedandBreakfast.com coverage revealed that from November 2006, to February 2007, more than 110 million impressions were garnered for the site and its members from BedandBreakfast.com’s publicity campaign. If this coverage were purchased as advertising, it would have a value of more than $186,100.

In April and May, stories mentioning BedandBreakfast.com and its members have appeared both online and in print. Both SmarterTravel.com and AARP’s Magazine -- with the highest circulation of any magazine in the country --  highlighted the 4th year of Tanks a Lot offers. Additionally, the Flint Journal and Boston Globe also mentioned Tanks a Lot in their Sunday Travel columns. Other stories mentioning BedandBreakfast.com included pieces in Bottom Line Personal, a popular self-help newsletter, the Ottawa Citizen and the Santa Fe New Mexican.

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Internet Intensives

BedandBreakfast.com, RezOvation and Expedia, Inc. are hitting the road to bring you current and comprehensive information about Internet marketing, online reservations, yield management, and property management software.

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Have you updated the photos in your BedandBreakfast.com listing lately? Summer is approaching, so take down the winter pictures and upload images of green trees, flowers, and chairs on the water!


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