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February 2008

Our Members Speak Out

Washington Plantation Bed and Breakfast, Washington, GA

Question for March: What is the funniest moment you've ever shared with a guest?

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You were asked: Because of Valentine’s Day, February is known as the month for lovers. What are some stories of romance – touching, funny, or anywhere in between – experienced at your inn?

“In the last three years we have had four proposals and two weddings celebrated here on Valentine's Day, with another wedding this year!

“My favorite occasion was the betrothal of a high powered criminal defense lawyer (the bride) and a longtime radio personality, both from Augusta, Georgia, and both on the hefty (very!) side. They were among our very first guests and gave all the equipment an excellent stress test. She declined a ride in the whirlpool because she wasn't sure she could get out, but he wasn't so shy.

“Since that Valentine's Day, they have been here for their honeymoon, each six-month anniversary, and every Valentine's Day, including the coming one, and we count them among our friends.

“We have a lot of elopements here, thanks to the services of our local probate judge who will issue a marriage license on the spot if need be, even on weekends, then conduct the services. We try to make a February stay here as romantic as we can, and it seems to work.” – Tom Chase, Washington Plantation Bed and Breakfast, Washington, GA

“We've had a lot of romances spurred and reignited since becoming innkeepers, but my funniest "romance" tale happened at 5 a.m. Our private quarters are located on the third floor, where I live with my two children, ages 10 and 18. There is a laundry room located on the second floor, along with three guestrooms. As I was emerging from my usual four-hour "power-sleep" to get the first pots of coffee going, I heard a loud bump-bump-bump from the second floor. Immediately I thought my 10-year-old had taken it upon herself to wash that must-wear outfit and had the washer off balance, which I knew would wake my 70-something year-old guests on the second floor. As I got to the second floor, I realized the increasingly louder bumping was not the washer, but the 70-year-old couple themselves, at which point I took my innkeeper cap off and put my mother cap on. I turned and ran back up the stairs, worried the actively amorous couple would wake my young daughter!” – Pam Matthews, Montgomery Inn Bed & Breakfast, Versailles, KY

“We had a full inn booked on Valentines weekend last year. The day before the big check-in, we had a major snow storm and lost electricity for the whole weekend. We were calling guests and giving them hour-to-hour updates on if we would get any electricity back. By 4 p.m. that afternoon, Feb. 14, we had lights back on. We hosted all of our guests except three couples that had cancelled. The next morning over breakfast we had found out that four couples had gotten engaged at the inn the night before! So our dark inn turned out to be again a very romantic weekend.” – Buddy Marcum, Inn At Long Lake, Naples, ME

“Isn't it what you do rather than what you say that really shows your determination in love? Two of my young guests had an amusing and (to me as the innkeeper) thrilling adventure. I have a keyless entry so my guests can come and go as they please, and also so I don't get locked out (which I had done too many times). One Sunday morning on a very busy weekend, as a very nice young couple was telling me some of the highlights of their fun times at a wedding the night before, I suddenly realized that I had never gotten around to giving them the combination to the keyless entry. ‘Oh my goodness, how did you get in last night?’ I asked them, remembering that I myself had been out quite late. The young woman looked sheepish, and the young man even more so. ‘We weren't going to mention it,’ said the young woman, ‘but when we found we couldn't get in, he just climbed up the column to the balcony outside our room.’ He had left the door unlocked because I told him he could smoke on the balcony. I took a second look at what I now realized was a quite muscular young man. ‘I work out,’ he responded to my look, ‘and it really just took 10 seconds.’ Now, when I catch myself worrying about the preservation of the majestic columns to the second story porch, I stop obsessing, laugh and remember that love triumphs over all.” – Diana Mara Henry, Lathrop House B&B, Springfield, MA


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