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February 2005

Promoting The B & B Industry

Our goal is to generate great publicity for members specifically, and for the B&B industry as a whole. In this issue we cover:


What Happens If I Answer a Publicity Lead?

Recent Media Coverage



What Happens If I Answer a Publicity Lead?

Every other month, emails its members Publicity Leads, requesting information on specific themes for upcoming press releases.  Some innkeepers don’t understand how the information will be used.  Some think they are responding to an advertisement; others believe that a response guarantees placement in a magazine article.  If you are not sure whether you are receiving the Publicity Lead emails, log in to your Home Base  with your password & property ID, then click “Innkeeper’s Inbox” to see all recent emails sent to you by uses the Publicity Lead responses to create press releases. These are sent to TV outlets, websites, newspapers, and magazines throughout the world. Because we are looking for editorial coverage (not paid advertising), we have no control over which publications (if any) choose to pick up the stories and run them.  Nevertheless, stories have appeared in such magazines as Redbook, Travel & Leisure, Budget Travel, Smart Money, For You, and many more.  They’ve also appeared on popular websites including MSNBC,,, Yahoo!, and newspapers including USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, and many others.  The better the deals in the release, or the more compelling the story, the better the media pickup.  There are, however, no assurances that the media will run a story, just because they’ve been sent a press release.


We are delighted to receive hundreds of responses to our publicity leads. Space limitations don’t allow us to include everyone, so those who’ve answered completely and on topic have the best chance of inclusion. 

Here’s what you need to do to increase your chances of getting media attention:


  • Answer the question. If we request information on fall packages, please send complete details -- what’s included, the rates, and dates.
  • Connect the dots: A description of your town’s Pumpkin Festival is great, but tell us how it ties into a package at your B&B. For example, the Pumpkin Festival Package includes weekend accommodations, award-winning pumpkin muffins at breakfast, tickets to the pumpkin festival, and a pumpkin of your own to decorate, with prizes for the best carving job. After all, our primary job to publicize B&Bs.
  • Include the key information in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Please do not send us to your website for package details. With hundreds of responses, we rely on you to provide the requested descriptions.
  • Respond with a complete signature. Your name, your B&B’s name, the address, phone, website and email address are crucial.  We can’t include you if we don’t know who you are.
  • Proofread!  All too often, we receive responses filled with typos or unintelligible sentences.  Please be sure to re-read your response for clarity and accuracy before sending it. (Jsut like tihs!).
  • Respond promptly!  Answer immediately; don’t let our email get drowned in the daily deluge. While your response doesn’t guarantee inclusion in a story, not responding will insure that you won’t be included.   We look forward to hearing from you!


Publicity Leads Posted on Message Boards: You can also get the inside track on individual writers doing B&B-related articles. Access these publicity leads by clicking through from your home base, or read them on our Message Boards.


Publicity produces results:

We couldn’t resist sharing this message from Ellen of Pinhook Plantation House B&B, Calhoun TN: “Last night I went to a meeting of the Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association.  Linda Caldwell, the Director, mentioned seeing the article including our "ghosts" in a Miami newspaper.  ‘The Little Rock paper carried the article too,’ chimed in another member.  I knew about the Little Rock coverage, because the paper contacted me for pictures to go along with the story and sent me copies of the article. Press releases are a great way to get extra media attention and I told the group that was the reason that Pinhook Plantation House got this exposure.   We opened our B&B in September 2003, and being small (three suites), we don't have the advertising budget that larger properties do. Thank you for the advertising and PR opportunities you provide.”


Recent Media Coverage stories reached over 12 million readers/viewers in November and December.  If this coverage had been purchased as advertising, the value would exceed $16,500. Here are some recent articles: Best Undiscovered Inns for Romance  was picked up by many television websites; visit News Net 5 in Akron Ohio or  WESH  in Central Florida to view samples.  The marketing savvy innkeepers at The Artist’s Inn in Terre Hill, PA took their inclusion on the list one step further by sending a press release announcing their place on the list via picked up a number of’s press releases for their special interest consumer newsletters.  The Great Money Saving Winter B&B Getaways  release was picked up by’s B&B edition and Travel With Kids ran the release we sent about Great Family Winter B&B Getaways in full, complete with links to each inn mentioned.


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