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February 2005

Our Members Speak Out

The Blue Belle Inn B&B, Saint Ansgar, IA

We asked: What are your favorite getaway experiences? When you leave the inn, do you stay at other B&Bs?  If you haven’t been on vacation in a while, at least share your fantasy escape!   Let us hear from you!”  Read more... 

 Question for our March issue:  What’s the most romantic thing that ever happened at your inn?

Email your responses to If we publish your comments, we'll thank you with a $25 credit in our Featured Properties Auction program!  

“I learned some years ago that the best way to forget my troubles and relax when on vacation is not to leave the country. Literally! It does the soul good to be so far away from home that you can't do anything about any problems that might arise, even if you did know about them. Which you hopefully won't, once you're out of cell phone range!  In the past ten years, I've stayed at charming B&B's and guesthouses in Denmark, Norway, England, Wales,Alberta, and British Columbia, met some wonderful innkeepers, and gotten some great ideas and recipes, too. My staff or innsitters have always done just fine in my absence, although I once returned home to find that the dozens of goldfish that used to reside in my lily pond were now fertilizing the garden… We're still not sure what happened, but the fact that was 106 degrees for three days in a row might have had something to do with it. The point is, I couldn't have changed what happened anyway, and a person needs to relax and get far enough away from home that you can truly forget about your everyday stresses. It's a big world out there, and it always helps my perspective when I realize that I occupy only one tiny little corner of it. And when I come home, I'm always filled with renewed appreciation for what I have!  For the record, I always try to stay in B&B's when traveling in the US, too, and have used to locate my options on many occasions!  Sherrie Hansen, The Blue Belle Inn, St. Ansgar, Iowa   


My husband and I retreat to a log cabin in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. It sits on three acres and is surrounded by 100 acres of woods. No one calls.  No one stops by. All peace and quiet.”  Nancy Hawke, Hawke Bed & Breakfast, Gardner MA

“We are members of the Model A Ford Club of Long Island (even though we now live near Saratoga Springs). Every year there is either a New England Meet (yes, NY is included) or a National Meet. Although the meets are held at a large hotel in the hosting city, we always stay at B&Bs, and it has always been a rewarding experience. Several years ago we attended a meet in Dayton, Ohio, reserving a room at a wonderful B&B in Dayton, Ohio.  Friends of ours decided to attend, and since the hotel was sold out, they booked another room at the same B&B, although they had never stayed at one before. They are now ‘hooked’ on B&Bs, and we are thrilled. The same thing happened at a meet in Pennsylvania with another couple -- and they too have stayed in many B&B's since. Members of the club always ask about B&B visits, and luckily, each time, they are happy and tell the other Model A members to try a B&B sometime. We have stayed in B&Bs in Hong Kong; the Cotswolds in England; in Lima, Peru; and in Germany and Switzerland. Each has been unique and wonderful.  There is nothing like staying with the local people and living the local life.  We would not exchange our experiences for anything in the world.”  Wendy & Richard Duvall, Country Life B&B, Greenwich (Saratoga Springs), NY


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