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December 2004- January 2005

Promoting the Indudstry

Our goal is to generate great publicity for members specifically, and for the B&B industry as a whole. In this issue we cover:

The year in review

Recent media coverage

Upcoming publicity

Post specials to maximize publicity


The Year in Review

We don’t toot our horn very often, but when we look back on our 2004 publicity campaign, we’re proud to say that did a top-rate job of promoting not only its members, but the B&B community as a whole. We’re proud to be leading the way for the industry, and feel that the investment in publicity for and its members offers invaluable branding for the B&B experience. 

Here’s a recap of the highlights of the publicity program:

·          20 press releases were distributed covering everything from ghosts to gas to gift certificates. 

·          Best of Awards were launched and announced resulting in constant coverage for the following six months.

· and its members were featured in many national publications and TV shows including USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, TODAY SHOW, Travel Channel, National Geographic Traveler, Home & Away, Woman’s Day, MSNBC, Yahoo!, and just about every daily newspaper in the country.

· spokespeople highlighted members and their stories on radio interviews from British Columbia to Palm Beach, Florida.

The value of a publicity campaign is measured by the number of impressions and the value of that publicity, if the “white space” was purchased as advertising.  Although we estimate very conservatively, we’re delighted to report that in the last 12 months garnered over 119.5 million impressions for a total value of $197,700.  

Your participation in our press releases is what makes this program a success!

Recent Media Coverage stories reached almost 23 million readers/viewers in September and October.  If this coverage had been purchased as advertising, the value would exceed $47,200. Some recent articles:

 Best of Awards:  Ever since the awards were announced in May, coverage has been ongoing.  Most recently, articles appeared in the Spokane, WA Review and the Libertyville Beacon  recognized the Lodge at Sedona with a nice feature story on this pet-friendly property.  To date, over 8 million impressions have resulted from Best of coverage. For 2005, we want to double or triple the number of award-winning inns, but can do so only if you encourage guests to vote by adding the voting badge to your website,  and by distributing voting forms. Voting for the 2005 awards is well underway, and over 5000 votes have already been tallied. Don't miss out on this great B&B marketing opportunity! 

Great Places To Sleep With A Ghost: Some releases are dead-ringers (couldn’t resist the pun!) for media coverage, and’s annual round-up of B&Bs where guests can encounter spirits is a perfect example. This year was no exception, and 2004 netted 4.67 million impressions for’s Great Places to Sleep with a Ghost  story.  reprinted’s complete release, while the Miami Herald and Atlanta Journal Constitution both ran stories mentioning The 1891Castle Inn’s inclusion in the line up – the perfect pay off for responding to’s publicity leads.  Additionally, the Los Angeles Times, Dallas News, and Seattle Times picked up the story off the wire, along with Yahoo! Finance.  And every regional issue of AAA’s Home & Away Magazine, with one of the largest circulations of any magazine in the country, carried news of’s Hunting Haunts.

Our own Eric Goldreyer was featured in a round up of ELG Hospitality and its subsidiary businesses including, and Rez-O-Vation in the Austin Statesman.  The article was then picked up in Hotels Magazine

A new magazine, All You,  included an article about innkeeping with quotes and contributions  from Sandy Soule. was the only online B&B directory mentioned in this article.  National Geographic Traveler   mentioned’s Girlfriends’ Getaways in a line up of No Boys Allowed offers. 


Upcoming publicity

Thank you to all those who responded to our request for information about winter and Valentine’s Day packages.  We’re working on gathering information about wacky holidays, like Ground Hog Day, American Chocolate Week, April Fools Day and more.  We recently sent a publicity lead requesting information for this release.  If you did not receive it, please email, so that we can check to see that our emails are being delivered accurately.

How can I be included in press releases?  Every month or two, sends publicity leads asking for input from innkeepers.  From the responses, we compile press releases that are sent to the media on a wide range of themes. If you are not sure whether you are receiving these emails, log in to your Home Base  with your password & property ID, then click “Innkeeper’s Inbox” to see all emails sent to you from in the past few months. (Please be patient; this takes a few minutes to load.)

The number of responses ranges from a trickle to a flood; sometimes answers are not relevant to the press release theme.  While we do our best to include as many as possible, please understand that posting your special on the website and/or answering our publicity leads does not automatically qualify you for inclusion in's press releases. 

 Publicity Leads Posted on Message Boards: You can get the inside track on writers doing B&B-related articles via publicity leads. Access these leads by clicking through from your home base, or read them on our Message Boards. Sign up to receive new postings by email, and the publicity leads will be delivered right to your email box.


Post specials to maximize publicity

Top reasons to post your packages in's specials section:

  • The media loves specials: Writers need stories, and that's just what our themed specials provide.
  • Allow ample time: Many magazines work up to a year in advance. As soon as possible, post your specials so writers working for long-lead publications can find them, whether they are looking for Christmas stories in July, or June wedding pieces in December.
  • Searching for specials: Studies show that reporters on assignment use search engines as a key research tool. Search engine optimization means that specials and hot deals on are likely to rank highly on free search results.
  • Ensure coverage: Although stringent space limitations don't permit us to include every special in every release, readers are always directed to the specials page for the full range of options.
  • Consumers love specials: Affordable travel is the buzz word of the day. The Specials section is among the top-visited sections of
  • Specials drive traffic: Specials can be searched by theme and by state/province, allowing double the chance for your special to be discovered. For best results, post your specials both on and on your own website.
  • Theme specials add interest: We encourage you to create packages around the themed specials listed below, and to watch for future suggestions:
    • B&B Cooking Schools
    • Christmas Open Houses
    • Corporate Retreats
    • Craft Workshops & Getaways
    • Family Fun
    • Family Reunions
    • Food Glorious Food
    • Free Gas promotions
    • Girlfriends Getaways
    • Holiday Specials
    • Military Rate for active duty
    • Murder Mysteries'
    • Outdoor Workshops
    • Quilter’s Workshops
    • Romance Specials
    • Sports Specials
    • Seniors are Special
    • Traveling with Pets
    • Wacky Holidays

Not sure how to post your specials? Here's the free deal for Silver members and up:

  • Log in to your home base with your property ID and password, then select "Specials" under "Free Member Benefits."
  • Click "Add a new special," then select a theme special from the drop-down menu under "summary," and combine a promotional rate with whatever tempting treats or special event tickets your guests might enjoy--it's up to you.
  • To see the specials that have already been posted by your fellow innkeepers, visit our Specials page and click the drop down box marked "Select Special."

Bronze member??? Don't miss out on these specials. Try our 100 percent risk-free upgrade guarantee.



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