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December 2004- January 2005

Our Members Speak Out

Holiday special: We have a special treat for you in this issue—it’s the innkeeper version of  ‘Twas the Night before Christmas.” 






Yelton Manor at Christmas.

Question for our February issue:  What are your favorite getaway experiences? When you leave the inn, do you stay at other B&Bs?  Prefer hotel anonymity? Cruise ship pampering? If you haven’t been on vacation in a while, at least share your fantasy escape!   Let us hear from you!

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Twas The Night Before Christmas....

Adapted by Elaine Herbert, Yelton Manor B&B, South Haven, Michigan, with apologies to Clement Clark Moore 


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the inn,

Not a guest was registered, you could hear a dropped pin.

Two lousy days off in a calendar year,

It was my full intention to hold this day dear.


I stretched and I yawned as I tuned to the quiet,

Of no need to cater to some fat lady's diet.

I booted the 'puter to check what would matter,

At B&B or the PAII forum chatter.


There I was in my snuggies and old Manor cap,

With no need for food prep or pre-check-in nap.

At ease at the keyboard my fingers did fly,

To see if friends of the inn-biz stopped by.


Though the wind did howl, piling lake-effect snow,

A wondrous site loomed in the 'puter screen's glow.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a java-streamed sleigh pulled by red-nosed reindeer.


With a red-robed driver so perky and quick,

I knew in a moment…it was St. Innkeeper-Nick!

He was rosy and happy and perfectly quiet,

And clearly no threat for the Atkins diet.


He wore a stained old apron and his hair was askew,

But he whirled through the kitchen and knew what to do.

He could juggle all tasks from the least to the most,

As he mixed up the muffins and slid in the toast.


His right hand cracked eggs, and his left hand set table.

And I gasped as I marveled at what he was able.

He never complained as he tirelessly worked.

He looked happy and blissful as the coffee was perked.


On phone, on plunger, computer, front door,

On vacuum, on laundry, on clean kitchen floor,

On blankets, on robes, TP tucked and sealed,

On bacon, on Splenda, on omelets congealed.


He made reservations, he handed out maps,

He won all his chargebacks, he checked Super-Statz.

More rapid than eagles his hands did the chores,

While making small talk with insufferable bores.


And just as I wondered and doubted my eyes,

And considered this all rum and eggnog lies,

I spied on his belt a 24-hour beeper,

And I knew he was truly a Santa Innkeeper.


But whoosh, in only one simple mouse click,

Away flew the reindeer with my Innkeeper Nick.

As he flew off the screen he said to me plain:

Merry Christmas to innkeeps…

And to all the insane!


Elaine Herbert, Yelton Manor B&B, South Haven, Michigan



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