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April 2005

Promoting The Industry

Marti Mayne

Our goal is to generate great publicity for members specifically, and for the B&B industry as a whole. In this issue we cover:


Ask the Pros

Let’s Hear It From Innkeepers

Recent Media Coverage


Ask the Pros

New! Each month, innkeepers ask for our help in promoting their properties, so we decided to make “Ask the Pros” a regular event.  If you would like your PR question answered, please email Each issue will feature one question and our response.   

Question:  “I’ve read all about the importance of B-roll.  Once I have it, what’s the best way to promote it?”  --  Barb Vogel, Sea Crest By the Sea, Spring Lake, NJ

Answer: Nothing is more exciting than seeing your B&B on TV.  To maximize the exposure, here’s how to expand the impact of your TV coverage:

·          If you know when your show is going to air, send an email to all your past guests, alerting them to watch the segment. Be sure to give them the names of the show, station, and website (if applicable), since channel numbers change with different cable companies.


 ·          Encourage guests to call and mention the name of the TV show when making reservations; tell them you’ll have a gift waiting for them upon arrival (perhaps an inn mug, tee shirt, or Christmas tree ornament). Suggest that they forward your email to friends so they can qualify for the gift offer, too.


·          Buy some Beta SP duplicates (known as dupes) from the station or show that produced your segment, so that you'll have the actual Beta SP (or Betacam Pro) footage available for future press requests.


·          Make copies (VHS tapes or DVDs) of the show, and send them with a press release to local and regional media outlets; perhaps tie it in with some upcoming event or package at the inn. The media is unlikely to run a press release telling folks about the show (with the possible exception of your local paper), but you can use the coverage to show the media how beautiful your inn really is.  Remember, good PR begets more good PR.


·          To create a press list, go to a good library, visit the reference section, and ask for either the Bacon's or the Burrelle’s Media Directories of Television Contacts.  Both directories also offer directories of newspaper, magazine and radio contacts  From those volumes, you can research by state and sometimes by topic matter (look up Staff by Beat, then find Travel).  Some PR agencies have access to this information via online databanks, if you'd rather hire someone to do this for you.


·          Each time you promote a news story about your B&B, be sure to mention that “B-roll” footage is available for station use.  Be sure to remind your local and regional TV stations that you have footage available during times like Valentine’s Day and the wedding months, when they are likely to be planning B&B stories. 


·          Think of other programs or stations that might have a use for your story.   The Food Network and Fine Living stations have a number of shows that would fit in well with your B-roll footage and your B&B story.  Let them know you tape available, and pitch story ideas that coincide with your footage.


Best of luck in promoting your B-roll footage.  Remember, send your marketing questions to for consideration in future issues of The Innkeeper News.


Let’s Hear It From Innkeepers
” Your PR follow-up and responsiveness are incomparable. Great service always, and much appreciated from fellow compatriots in the "service business." --  Shaffin Shariff, Wake Robin Inn, Lakeville, CT

 “I want to compliment you on your B&B site.  It is great site (layout, info, style, etc).”   -- Mike Risgaard, Photographer     


Recent Media Coverage stories resulted in over 3.35 million media impressions in February. If this coverage had been purchased as advertising, the value would exceed $31,200.. Here are some recent articles: 

We sent a press release reminding inngoers they have one month left to vote for Best of Awards. It was picked up online by the Dallas News , Yahoo! Finance,  Los Angeles Times and Seattle Times.  Additionally, Merrill Lynch picked up the story, advising investors in an online newsletter to check out Best of

 The Best Undiscovered Inns for Romance  release received tremendous coverage.  More than 4.9 million impressions were logged for this release including nice articles in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Daytona Beach News Journal, Berkshire Eagle, thirty-six local issues of the Daily Herald, and many more.


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